No worries here are few tips for you…

If you decided to start running, then very first and difficult task to start running is wake early in morning, come out of bed, tight your shoe less, if you do that…it means you covered your half running distance.

You came on the in park, road, ground, stadium, the atmosphere; weather is so energetic, positive, few elite runners running at speed,thinking to do so many things do, thinking to run with them but body is not capable of doing so…No worries you will also do it but you have to have a systematic approach towards it.

If you are running first time always remember few things:

  • Start with slow walk/jog, then increase the timings gradually, stamina and distance will follow you automatically; initially try to walk/jog at least thrice in a week.
  • Have the patience, running can learn with experience, consistent practice, hard work, strict disciplined, honesty towards your body, have the positive attitude,
  • Follow the proper diet, it means avoid junk foods, outside oily, spicy food, eat what your family members cooked at home, diet doesn’t mean to follow/ consume the external supplements
  • Have a proper rest, take a complete rest/ or holiday at least once in a week, take a proper sleep in night.
  • Read/ listen the experiences of the experienced runners
  • Initially no need to buy a high costly, branded shoes, simple shoes also work,
  • And most important, post workout do not forget to take picture, its big motivational factor, you are the ideal or champ of yours.